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„We are big fans of adplorer. We have switched from our inhouse solution to adplorer in 2013 and have been able to increase productivity and quality by over 50%.“
– Wolfgang Eggert, Head of SEM Klicktel Germany –

„adplorer & publoCity are very fast and great to work with. They have helped us with much advice to become market leader in Croatian market“
– Nikola Filipcic, CEO Office Sector,  Croatian Telecom –

„adplorer and publoCity have been our partners since our start in Switzerland in 2011. We are today the leading Google reseller in Switzerland and continue to be very satisfied with the outstanding functionalities of adplorer.“
– Angelo Catti, Head of SEM Omnimedia (Ringier publishing group) –

„We have chosen adplorer as our new platform since January 2015 and are fully satisfied. Adplorer & publoCity excel in accuracy and understanding the business.“
– Eyal Tamed, Zap Group Israel –

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